Fixed Fee Divorce

Our solicitors understand the importance of you being able to budget for legal expenses. We offer several fixed price packages, allowing you to pay a set fee for certain legal actions. These tailored packages include a fixed-fee divorce.

The thought of going through with a divorce or ending a civil partnership might fill you with dread, but with our help, the process really does not need to be difficult. We have personal experience of divorce. From this experience, we know there is a personal cost to you and your family and we always bear this in mind.

We are a friendly firm and generally try to resolve matters for you as amicably as possible. At the same time, we aren't pushovers. If we encounter unreasonableness or a lack of cooperation from your spouse or his or her legal representatives, we will act firmly to protect your interests.


To get a divorce in England & Wales you must have been married for a minimum of 12 months from the date on your marriage certificate. The process involves a number of steps and a series of documents which must be prepared correctly and send to court at the right time. We often see clients with problems caused by documents having been completed incorrectly or where a dispute has arisen. If you appoint Family Law Consultants to represent you, your divorce solicitor will take care of all the documentation for you and provide you with the right advice and guidance at each stage. Your solicitor will also communicate with your spouse or their solicitor so you don’t have to. All this is covered in our fixed price divorce service.

Fixed-Fee Divorce: How does it work?

Our fixed-fee divorce is a one-to-one service where we guide you carefully through each stage of the process and represent you. Alternatively, if you would like to 'pay as you go' with hourly rate charging, this option is also available. We will ask you about:

  • The reasons you want a divorce
  • Whether you have considered mediation
  • How long you have lived apart from your spouse
  • Your children
  • Proposed future living arrangements
  • Current contact arrangements for children
  • Details of assets, including your income, savings and pensions and those of your spouse
  • Any financial concerns, including debts
  • Domestic abuse

Our costs for representing a petitioner (the person seeking the divorce) and the respondent (the person who receives the divorce petition) are set out in full in our Prices Menu. These costs relate to uncontested divorces where no court hearing is necessary: If there is any dispute over your divorce settlement such as the financial arrangements or uncertainty over arrangements for children, you will need to instruct us separately on these issues.

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For fixed-fee divorce, contact us by telephone, request a call back from the Homepage or by email us. Our fixed fee divorce can also be purchased directly from your mobile device by downloading our App from the Homepage. If you are unsure about the way forward you can book an initial personal appointment to take place over the telephone or book a visit to one of our offices.

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