Prenuptial Agreement

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement entered into freely prior to marriage setting out what is to happen in the event of the marriage coming to an end. It provides clarity for couples in respect of their finances and children in their relationship. A Prenuptial Agreement is suitable for both marrying couples and couples about to register their Civil Partnership.

The Agreement must be entered into voluntarily, each party having had independent legal advice and must be signed at least 28 days prior to any wedding or civil partnership ceremony.

During your interview with us we will obtain the information needed from you and draft a bespoke agreement for your signature. Your future intended will need separate legal advice upon the agreement prior to signing it. The Courts are not obliged under UK law to keep to the agreement but unless there have been significant changes they are likely to regard the agreement as very persuasive. As a result of recent case law, provided the relevant conditions are met, they are more likely to be upheld.

What's included in the fixed fee?

Legal Fees from £1250.00 + VAT (in cases with more than £1 million of assets a bespoke quote will be provided, suited to your circumstances).

The fee includes taking your instructions, advising you, drafting your agreement and amending it as necessary. It also includes dealing with your partner's solicitor until the agreement has been signed. The fee assumes that you have agreed the general nature of what you would like to happen if your relationship ends. If you are in dispute about an aspect of this you will need advice beyond that provided by the fixed fee.

We include:

  • Obtaining the information we need to be able to draft the agreement
  • Telling you of issues you might wish to consider
  • Drafting the agreement
  • Arranging for correct signature

Assets over £1 million

This fixed fee is valid in cases where the assets of the couple concerned are below £1 million. Where there are assets above this level a much more detailed investigation of the finances is required which may involve other advisers (for example IFAs and pensions specialists) and the discussions and negotiations may take longer. If you believe this applies to you please advise us and we will provide you with a quotation to suit your individual circumstances.

Why pay a fixed fee?

By paying a fixed fee at the start of your case you have certainty about the costs involved. The alternative is to pay an hourly rate (currently from £275 plus VAT) for the time spent working for you.

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