Separation Deed Package

This package is based upon the fact that you and your spouse or former partner have agreed the basic principles of your separation i.e. how your assets are to be dealt with.

What's included within the package?

  • We will obtain instructions from you in order to prepare the Separation Deed. If things you have agreed will simply not work in a legal sense we shall advise you of this and help you seek an alternative solution. It may be that we have to help you agree the finer detail.
  • We will highlight things you may wish to consider/add to your agreement
  • Drafting the Separation Deed
  • Advising you how to execute (sign) the Deed

Our Charges:-

Legal Fees £750.00

VAT £150.00

Total £900.00

What's not included:-

  • This package is only available if you have reached an agreement prior to instructing us. If you require advice as to what is the right agreement for you, then you will need to enter into a process of financial disclosure, aided by your solicitor, with your spouse. Advice regarding what settlement is right for you and entering into negotiations in order to reach a settlement to be incorporated into a Separation Deed will all be charged at an hourly rate, and not on a package basis.
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