Can I do my divorce myself?

I usually respond by saying “if you know the law and procedural rules, yes”. But ask yourself this, “Would you service your own gas boiler?” Because in theory you could, but would you? The answer to both questions is quite honestly “No, I would use an expert”.

I understand using a solicitor to help you settle disputes, can be perceived as expensive. Doing it yourself may be cheaper in the immediate future but this could prove to be infinitely more expensive in the long-term. You may not achieve your desired result, get a lower divorce settlement than you hope or end up with an order that could interfere with you seeing your children. Often orders once made cannot be undone, so the most important message I can convey is, “get it right first time”. You need to ask yourself is the monetary saving really worth the risk?

Broken Ring

At Family Law Consultants we are often consulted by clients who do not like what the court has ordered, or they do not know what to do with a court order they applied for. It is important to note that the court will not give you legal advice. A common mistake is issuing a divorce and expecting the court to write to you at some point and ask what financial settlement you'd like. Other common mistakes are not realising that the court will not implement orders made in the majority of cases, for example, a pension sharing order and this is why you should employ a professional. I've seen numerous examples of separated couples transferring the matrimonial home to one and paying a lump sum to the other, without a Consent Order, only to find years later the spouse that remained in the house is asked for money and without a court order to prevent this, it can be a costly mistake.

You will be protected from all of these pitfalls and more by employing the services of an experienced lawyer, who can help remove the trauma and anxiety from your legal problem and help you to make wise and informed decisions.

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Written by Emma Piff, Family Law Consultant

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